Product Features

There are multiple advantages of compressed soil cement interlock earth brick (CSCIB) over the conventional clay bricks and concrete blocks which make them the smart choice for building constructions.


Through hydraulic compression techniques, the EconoBrick is compressed to withstand 3.5N/mm2 of strength. As a result, these Bricks are much stronger than all conventional forms of bricks.This is one of a key advantages of compressed soil cement interlock earth brick (CSCIB).


Interlocking Tongue & Groove Features in the EconoBrick makes it the fastest to lay than the conventional brick laying techniques. A worker can lay a higher number of bricks every hour enabling them to complete your house faster. Also, the larger brick size ensures completing a higher square area of wall for every 100 bricks. Since the Econobrick requires no plastering, it significantly reduces the construction times. The Econobrick Lintel Brick makes the building of lintel beam easy and economical.


Many masons and bricklayers are now familiar with this technology. Otherwise, they would quickly familiarize themselves with this system as it requires less technical expertise to build using these bricks.


Econobrick has an even and scratch less surface giving it a nicer finish once built. This makes plastering an optional choice. The wall can be given a modern or a classic finish using different colour and finishing options available.

Product Benefits


When talking about advantages of compressed soil cement interlock earth brick (CSCIB), their cost benefit is one of the key elements to consider. Using the SCS Earth Brick building system, you may save cost by eliminating formworks for reinforced concrete column and beams, plastering and painting costs, reducing many workers, sand, steel and cement. Not only that, due to faster completion compared to conventional construction method, you will save so much more on the project’s operation cost.

Environmentally Friendly

Almost all the conventional building techniques can have a major impact on the environment. One of the key reasons for SCS Earth Bricks gaining popularity world-over is its environmentally friendly nature. As the EconoBrick manufacturing process doesn’t involve burning or baking of the bricks, we do not burn fossil fuels or firewood that can lead to greenhouse gas emissions and strain of natural resources. On the other hand, the SCS Earth Bricks significantly reduce the usage of building materials such as Cement, Sand, Water and Steel when compared with conventional brick walls.


It is a well-known fact that the clay bricks built houses are cooler inside than the cement block houses. As the SCS Earth Bricks have more soil content compressed in its brick than the Clay Brick, the cooling effect is even more prominent with the houses built with them.

Sound Resistance

The thicker walls of SCS Earth Bricks with a hollow core would have a better sound attenuation effect than the walls built with conventional types of bricks.

Mold Resistant

SCS Earth Bricks are normally water saturated. Also, they are usually applied with a coat of waterproof solvent before finishing. This deters the growth of Molds due to algae formation even when walls are exposed to elements over a period of time.


මිල අඩු පරිසර හිතකාමී CEBs වලින් ඔබේ නිවසත් ගොඩනගමු

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