More about EconoBrick

EconoBrick is a compressed soil cement interlock earth brick (CSCIB) made using a mixture of Soil, Cement, Water and a special chemical binding mixture which is compressed to over 3.5N/mm2 pressure. This complies with the local and international standards.

our Products

Standard Brick

The standard EconoBrick comes with a unique lip and groove interlock shape which provides the strength to the wall. Once built, the walls can be finished in either matt or gloss finish with different colours to match your choice.

Half Brick

EconoBrick half brick is useful for building corners and edges of the wall. The half brick too comes with the same strength as the full brick.

Lintel Brick

As per it’s name, the Lintel bricks are used to build lintels above the doors and windows by filling the gutter shape with high strength concrete giving them superior structural capacity. 

Paving Brick

Paving bricks are available in different colours giving variety to your garden and the drive way. As these bricks are also reinforced by pressure, they are stronger than the usual cement paving blocks. 

Making Compressed Soil Cement Interlock Bricks

A mixture of Soil, Cement and Water are subjected to extensive pressure after adding special binding compounds to the mixture.

Then the bricks go through a careful curing process which gives them their unique strength before they are being distributed to various building sites in the country.

Quality Standards?

EconoBricks are produced using high quality materials to the highest international standards in one of the most advanced production facilities in Sri Lanka.

The quality assurance procedures are followed at every stage of manufacturing, meeting the guidelines specified by National Engineering Research and Development Centre of Sri Lanka (NERD Centre)