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Strong, economical and most environment friendly bricks in the Sri Lankan market, EconoBrick is the most trusted compressed soil cement interlock earth brick brand among the Sri Lankan builders.

EconoBrick is a cost effective and technologically advanced  alternative for conventional bricks and cement blocks. 

Find out how EconoBricks can help complete your project faster and at a lower cost.


EconoBrick is a brand of compressed soil cement interlock earth brick (CSCIB) that can be used for building construction. Also commonly known as Eco Brick, This product is gaining popularity world over as an economical and environmentally friendly alternative for conventional Clay Bricks and Cement Bricks. Smart Eco Concepts Pvt Ltd is the manufacturer of Econobrick in Sri Lanka meeting the highest standards. Our modern manufacturing plant with the largest production capacity in Sri Lanka can supply all types of Compressed Soil Cement Interlock Bricks(CSCIB).

compressed soil cement interlock earth brick

“Popularizing these blocks will derive immense benefits nationally as well as for individual stakeholders of the construction industry

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Compressed soil cement interlock earth brick smart advantage in building construction

Eliminate the need for formwork or concreate beams
Lower number of labourers
Eliminate plastering and painting costs
Reduce steels usage and costs
Faster house construction
Econobrick reduces cement usage